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What we do

The first thing that I try to do is to establish what kind of story you are trying to tell, what kind of person you are and how far along in your writing life you are. If you are a beginner and you just have a vision, I will help you build the world, establish a writing routine/ritual and show you some techniques that can take years to realize is needed.

If you have a structure, but it does not flow, I will help you figure out what is stopping the rhythm and what needs to be cut, changed or enhanced. Your story will still be your story and this is a cooperation, so you decide in the end, but I will give the best advices I have.

My specialty is within combining mythology, psychology and modern storytelling. I use ancient archetypes because I believe that there is something built into humans. A reason why we enjoy stories. Together we can make your stories great.

JH Lillevik

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