JH Lillevik, through Benign Images, has helped me with several scripts. Both to facilitate the story with the right genre and for the target audience. He is cheerful and positive in the collaboration. He brings many new perspectives to the project. His specialty lies in older history, mythology and Norwegian myths and legends.

Reinert Kiil

JH Lillevik is a world-builder. From sci-fi and cyberpunk, to legends and myths, the "fantastique". I've had the pleasure of working with JH Lillevik, and I can only describe it as both pleasant and enriching.

Qaiser Shah

JH Lillevik has been crucial for me as an independent filmmaker. I write, produce, direct and edit. His clever hand to my ideas has been a life-saver for several ideas which blossomed into scripts and, later, finished movies. I have the utmost respect for his craft. Highly recommended!

Øyvind Olav Sydow Kleiveland

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