JH Lillevik

JH was born on the southern coast of Norway where he spent his childhood. It was during his childhood he became fascinated by mythology, so every opportunity he had he bought books about that.

In his adolescence he started making films with his friends and this awakened his love for storytelling. After a year in the Norwegian army, he started his studies, first focusing on film theory, history and analysis, but later supplemented with psychology.

He later worked as video producer for Coca-Cola Enterprises producing educational films, a screenwriter consultant for Vidvinkel Film and a freelance writer. He is the author of the fantasy series Ismark and has co-writer credit on The House (Winter Siege) from 2016.

His influence are Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and Eric Hoffer. Ideas around heroes and how they can help individuals in their own life fascinates him and he tries to focus more on the characters and their development during the story.

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