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Welcome to Benign Images. Through meaningful dialogue and guidance, we help storytellers of all types to tell the stories they have a need to tell. Whether it is through simple editor services, consulting on story structure or helping creatives set up an effective work habit, we do our best to help you be a better storyteller. Start your project with us today.


What We Do

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Consulting focuses on making your stories and your work habits better. Everything from going through a finished draft to helping you through writer's block or making you more productive, Benign Images can help you.



Having worked on several projects through the years, we know what works and what does not work, whether it is a screenplay or a novel. Benign Images will help you perfect your story so that you can get your message to the maximum amount of people.

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Do you have an idea of a character or a perfect scene that you want to build a world and a story around? We can help you build that world through online sessions, workshops or face-to-face meetings. In these days of anonymity we lack the face to face contact that made some of our greatest storytellers better. We want to change that and make you better.

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